Friday, March 20, 2009

Late Stage MBA- Josh Moritz- AIG- Lawyer Says Blame Congress

I love lawyers. There was one on NPR who blamed congress for the mess AIG is in. You see Congress passed a law that allowed AIG to do Credit Default Swaps. Since Congress let the tiger out of the woods, it's Congress' fault that AIG created mayheim.

Put that lawyer in front of a jury in the Bronx and he can forgetta about it. They'd tell the lawyer to go slap his clients around the head, say some nasty words and throw them in jail if they violated the law. Even on a lesser count, eating all the cookies in the cookie jar, the jury would tell the lawyer to tell the clients that there be the financial equivilant of no more TV, computer games, FACEBOOK, hand over your Blackberry's and cell phone. No dinner, go right to bed. Curfew is at 7pm.

To suggest that some highly educated adults from Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, (dear god I hope not Babson) the London School of Economics, are incapble of understanding what they were doing seems pretty dumb. Think about it, people pay upwards of $120,000 to get an MBA from Harvard and you are going to tell the jury that they don't get understand how we can insure bonds for more than then the GDP?

The lawyer proably feels that when his kid turns 21, that the kid has no responsibility to drive safely and not tresspass because he is of legal age.

Tell me this lawyers name and I ask him if he gets a ticket for speeding is it his fault or the fault of the ordinance that says he can only do 25. How about when he smoked pot in college? Did he get caught? Probably not since he was admitted to the bar. But if he did, who would he blame? The law or himself?

Starting today, if anyone has some good case studies on how Congress allowed highly educated adults to break the law, send me the post.


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