Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Great Ethnic Turkey Day Recipe Download

Happy Thanksgiving folks.

The rules of the great Ethnic Turkey Recipe Download are simple: Please post only recipes of any dish other than turkey that is served with your Thanksgiving meal that reflects a special ethnic, religious, national or geographic origin.

For example, the Hungarian Russian Polish East European and the minority represented WASP side of my family serves up brisket, stuffed cabbage, mashed eggplant, sour pickles, smoked fish, little white bread t-sandwiches, and vodka, while the Spanish, Turk, Greek Middle East side serves up chicken lemon soup, their version of stuffed cabbage, berekas, flaffel, flat bread with oregano, a red spicy eggplant, retsina Greek wine and humus. It comes together with the pumpkin pie, which tastes like it has garlic in it.

We are actively recruiting family members for the next generation in other ethnic groups. Please apply online. Equal opportunity family.

And yes we discuss politics.

This post is a free for all. And despite the ultimate title, open to all.

If I get enough, I am going to organize a site and call it The Great Ethnic Babson MBA Turkey Recipe book in honor of my classmates, but it is open to anyone, anywhere, including all my direct marketing, social media, SEO/SEM web, database analytic types, PR, event marketers, entrepreneurs, corporate types, branding colleagues (can't discriminate), family and friends, etc. All who contribute will be given credit.The recipe must be publishable, testable, and eatable.