Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Do a Late Stage MBA? Babson Fast Track

I audited many executive MBA schools and classes. I asked one of my virtual networking groups what they thought about specific programs. It came down to two: Columbia and Babson.

I loved both schools from the start. My virtual network gave rave reviews to Columbia and Babson. The classes were really interesting. Even the instructor in finance kept my interest up for 2 hours.

Columbia while closer geographically, though, seemed at the time to be attacting a group that was very Wall Street and at this late stage in my career, that did not seem to be where I was going.

Babson's secret sauce is entrepreneurism, which is what I do; they breath it from main street to Wall Street. I met people who are working in family businesses, at start-ups, VC's and in larger companies. They came from all over the world. Several people in my cohort come travel in from places like London and Shanghai, Venezuela, New York, Connecticut (me) and California. People may live in Boston but they seem to be as likely to be US born as coming in from Pakistan, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, China and Africa.

I had dinner one night with a classmate who grew up during the Cultural Revolution in China. His chief complaint right now is that his Americanized sons have it too soft. I don't exactly meet people with those kinds of experiences in Westport, CT. who are my contemporaries.

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