Saturday, March 13, 2010

Late Stage MBA - From St. Petersburg Airport, Russia

Phew, made it to St. Petersburg. Waiting at Costa Coffee with fellow classmate Maggie Barrett who is from the Portland Ore, cohort. Here is a business opportunity waiting for development. There is no retail at the St. Petes airport. Invest now. Unlike Maggie who seems have left from her house at 4am Seattle time and now has been up for nearly 2 days, I have been awake only 36 hours. (turns out maggie is in charge of the software operating system for the HP 210 at Intel that I am typing on.)

20 degrees F here vs. 45 degrees yesterday in NY.

Sizewise the airport terminal is about the same as White Plains in Westchester county NY, but needs ambiance. The people are nice, they speak many languages. We had advice not to use the ATMs here from the tourist person.

My goodnesss we (actually Maggie Treated) are having $20 worth of coffee and water. Seems a bit higher than JFK or Logan. Have to work on the money matters.

Please check out the Financial Times on Monday March 15th. Wrote about my experience at Babson. More later.


ANN! said...

What, no retail? There are places, you just have to take the escalator to get to them! Of course depending on your hour of arrival or departure, they might be closed, but the Costa you went to was better than the domestic terminal. :)

Glad you enjoyed yourself, I liked my 2007 trip so much I moved to St Pete's for a year in Jan 08, once I completed my Babson MBA.

Late Stage MBA - Josh Moritz said...

It was a great time. Wish I could go there for a year, but I don't think the family or my business would appreciate it. That said, I have convinced my wife Jane to vacation in St. Petersburg during the White Nights festival in the summer of 2011.